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October-November 2023

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20 Reasons to Give to the Mission North America Offering

By Sam McVay


November 19, 2023, is the day set aside for the North American Ministries’ annual Mission North America Offering (MNAO). On this day, we come together and focus on giving generously to extend the work of Free Will Baptists in North America. We ask every church to give their congregation an opportunity to participate in this special offering to help underwrite many areas of work in which NAM is involved. Here are 20 great reasons you should consider giving:

  1. Your gifts cover the costs of recruitment, assessment, and training for all new church planters. Currently, we have 40 English-speaking church planters. Pray more people would answer God’s call on their lives to become church planters and plant Free Will Baptist churches in needy areas of North America.

  2. Your gifts cover the cost of printing directories, maps, and other materials to promote the ministry of our church planters to Free Will Baptist churches and individuals.

  3. Your gifts cover the cost of our biennial Church Planters Summit, a time of fellowship, study, prayer, training, and encouragement when all our church planters spend a few days together.

  4. Your gifts make it possible to operate our home office. The office handles accounting, payroll, receipts, bookkeeping, etc., for all church planters. The NAM office is the hub for sharing information and news of how God is building His Kingdom through NAM.

  5. Your gifts help cover the cost of encouragement to church planters as NAM directors visit their church plants to offer their time, prayers, help, and counsel.

  6. Your gifts relieve deficit church planter accounts. Keep in mind all funds that come into NAM designated for church planters go directly to the church planters’ accounts as long as they are a part of NAM. NAM does not charge any kind of administrative fee from our church planters.

  7. Your gifts cover the costs of NAM representatives’ travel to associational meetings and churches to share how God is working in church plants and other areas of ministry.

  8. Your gifts make it possible to provide biennial regional training sessions for church planters. Every other year, this time of assessment, counsel, training, and sharing best practices for church planters occurs in smaller, regional settings.

  9. Your gifts help with the expenses of the Disaster Response Team ministry of NAM and Master’s Men. This growing ministry provides equipment, training, supplies, and volunteers to help those impacted by disasters.

  10. Your gifts help cover the costs of IMPACT projects every year on the Saturday before our National Convention. IMPACT provides an opportunity for Free Will Baptists to serve churches and ministries in the cities where our convention meets.

  11. Your gifts help provide Bible studies and support for Free Will Baptist men’s ministries. Currently, we offer 21 Bible studies for churches to use in training their men to be godly leaders in their churches and homes.

  12. NAM cross-cultural ministries benefit from your generous gifts. Currently, we have eight Hispanic church planters and 48 bi-vocational Hispanic missionaries. Not only are we working hard to reach the growing Hispanic population in North America, but we are also partnering to reach other ethnic groups who are now our neighbors.

  13. Your gifts help cover the costs of translating materials into Spanish as we provide our training materials, social media posts, etc., into the heart language of thousands of Hispanics living in our neighborhoods.

  14. Your gifts help cover the costs of providing training through the Hispanic Bible Institute currently being relocated to Parkers Chapel FWB Church in Greenville, North Carolina. New classes will begin in January 2024.

  15. Your gifts help cover the costs of providing endorsements, encouragement, support, and oversight for Free Will Baptist chaplains. We want to come alongside our military chaplains and their families as they serve military men and women. NAM also endorses and provides support to chaplains serving in police departments, sheriff’s departments, hospitals, etc., as well as the Secret Service.

  16. Pastor’s Boot Camps, offered both in our Tennessee office and regionally, provide free training to established church leaders. So far, 242 pastors and church leaders have received training through these boot camps, and we have eight regional boot camps scheduled in seven states.

  17. NAM partners with the Executive Office and other departments to provide professional counseling to struggling Free Will Baptist pastors and their families. Your gifts cover the cost of this valuable and needed ministry.

  18. Your gifts help cover the cost of materials, training, assessment, and encouragement for the revitalization of our struggling churches.

  19. The National Youth Evangelistic Team (YET) receives a significant part of their funding from your generous gifts to the MNAO. This group of talented high school students minister in Free Will Baptist churches each summer.

  20. Your gifts help cover the costs of ONE Magazine. This valuable resource provides the latest news and information concerning the Free Will Baptist denomination.

These are only a few of the many reasons you should prayerfully consider what God would have you give to the Mission North America Offering this year. The MNAO is scheduled for November 19, 2023, but you can make a special gift at any time through your local church, by mail, or online at

At North American Ministries, we are praying for our Free Will Baptist churches and individuals to give generously and help us reach our goal of raising $750,000. As we continue to work together to see His Kingdom built and the gospel taken to the ends of the earth, what will you do to help make that happen?

About the Author: Sam McVay brings more than 40 years of ministry experience among Free Will Baptists to his role as church relations officer for North American Ministries. Sam travels to churches and various meetings promoting the work of NAM and challenging everyone to fulfill their role in building God’s Kingdom in North America and beyond.


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