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March 2017


Mission: Stewardship


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BROWN ON GREEN: The Coach Is Waiting

A football team is made up of many positions. Much attention is focused on the key offensive players who have the ability to score touchdowns—the quarterback, running backs, and receivers. Defensive line players also find themselves in the spotlight when they make a sack or cause a fumble. Defensive backs are heroes because they can intercept a pass, thereby stopping a drive or even scoring.

Perhaps the most overlooked group of players is the offensive line. Usually, the only time their names are mentioned is when a penalty has been called on them. They rarely score; they rarely make the highlight reels. No one pays attention to the offensive linemen except the coach. But you can be sure the coach is always watching the offensive line, because little happens on offense unless they do their jobs.

Running backs cannot score a touchdown unless the “big uglies” open up holes in the defense for them to run through. The quarterback cannot connect with the receiver for a touchdown unless the offensive line prevents the defensive line from sacking the quarterback. A football team will not be successful unless the five men up front do their jobs.

The same is true in the Church. Often, the people who make the biggest difference for the Kingdom of God are not pastors, missionaries, or others with highly visible ministries but those who pray and support those on the front lines. Generous people also make a difference in the Kingdom. In fact, generosity is listed as a spiritual gift in Romans 12:8.

The Foundation has been blessed to encounter some of these generous people. They have set up planned gifts that will support various FWB ministries after their deaths. The Foundation currently manages planned gifts totaling over $2.5 million. Many ministries and individuals have set up Money Management Trusts that earn more than $1.6 million. Through their generosity, individuals and ministries can use this funding to further the Kingdom of God. Few know who these individuals and churches are, but you can be sure the “Coach” is watching.

The Foundation manages endowments of more than $8 million that produce income of over $400,000 for ministry every year. Generous individuals and churches left these funds to the Foundation as perpetual gifts to benefit ministries until Jesus returns. In many cases, these individuals already have gone home to their reward, or a church may not be in operation anymore, but their generosity continues to make a difference. I know the “Coach” took notice.

The Foundation, with the help of Cornerstone Estate Planning, has made the Free Will Baptist Estate Plan available to every Free Will Baptist. So far, over 1,400 families have taken advantage of the program. Out of this number, more than 500 families have at least tithed on their estates, generating at least $15 million in gifts to ministries after their death. Again, no one else may notice, but the “Coach” is watching.

In 2017, the Foundation will award $500,000 in grants to various FWB ministries. The Lord has blessed the Foundation tremendously through the years, and now it will deliver generously back to the denomination as the “Coach” watches.

When you watch the big game this year, don’t forget the unknown offensive linemen who play such a key role in the game. Let them remind you of those unknown prayer warriors and generous souls who make a difference in the Kingdom of God. I guarantee you, the “Coach” is watching

About the Writer: David Brown, CPA, became director of the Free Will Baptist Foundation in 2007. Send your questions to David at To learn how the Foundation can help you become a more effective giver, call 877-336-7575.



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