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A Wal-Mart supervisor, a home-schooled journalist, a missionary kid, and an eighth grader with a nose for history explain why they plan to study at Free Will Baptist Bible College...



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The Wal-Mart Supervisor

By Tim Hutchinson

Hello, my name is Tim Hutchinson, and I'm 24. As of this writing, I work at Wal-Mart as an hourly supervisor. My parents both attended Free Will Baptist Bible College, and as a preacher’s kid, I grew up in churches all over the South. I was home-schooled from age 5 to 16.

tim hutchinsonAt 16, I was legally old enough to get a job, and immediately did so. Suddenly forced into constant contact with customers and co-workers, I quickly learned how to get people to talk to me about anything and everything if I approached them correctly. People twice my age began to ask my advice in situations way beyond my knowledge and experience.

After several years of this, I've decided to explore this apparent skill further. I want to learn to listen and help people in a professional, Christian manner.

I never gave college much thought over the years, because I had no clue what I wanted to do. I considered it a waste of money to go four years and get a degree I didn't really want, just because it was expected of me. Recently, I have acquired the drive, focus, desire, and a goal that I want to reach.

A degree in psychology, with emphasis on Christian counseling is my goal, and Free Will Baptist Bible College is where I want to earn it. FWBBC provides the atmosphere I want, with people who grew up in much the same way I did. I want to continue my education while surrounded by Christians, whose goals and ideals are in concert with my own, with peers whose pressure is the positive kind, and with staff who want to see me succeed not only in my classes, but in my life-long walk with God.

ABOUT THE WRITER: Tim Hutchinson came to Tennessee by way of Dublin, Georgia, where his parents pastor First Free Will Baptist Church.  He now considers Nashville home where he works as a supervisor at Wal-Mart.



The Home-Schooled Journalist

By Crystal Hodges

I was 13 when I decided to attend Free Will Baptist Bible College. That was also about the time I started to get a strong calling and interest into missions, and discovered my interest in video production and photography. 

When I heard what Tim Crowson was doing in Tokyo (Japan), I started to feel a calling to do the same thing when I get older and have the chance.  Right now, I feel called to either Japan or Spain.  But I realize that God may call me to another location, maybe even someone here in California, or He may change what subjects I plan to major in at college. 

crystal hodgesI’m completely open to what He has planned for my life, because I know it’s not about me and what I want; it’s all about Him and what He wants.  Not only was it my calling to missions that pointed me to FWBBC…I had heard from people I know and trust about the small community and the closeness of the students.  I couldn’t think of anywhere better to go.  And that’s why I plan on attending FWBBC.

ABOUT THE WRITER: Crystal Hodges (age 16) is home-schooled and hopes to enroll at FWBBC in 2009. She lives in California and is a member of Clovis Free Will Baptist Church  She writes the “Souled Out” column in WNAC’s Together With God magazine.



The Missionary Kid

By Morgan Fite

I want to go to college and become an elementary teacher. I believe God laid it on my heart as a child. I absolutely love kids. One way I am able to work with kids now is by coaching Upwards basketball.

morgan fiteI plan to enroll at Free Will Baptist Bible College in the fall of 2009. I have visited the campus many times, and I love the atmosphere and the people. I have been able to spend time with many of the students. They are so friendly! The college is not too big and not too small, but just right, in my opinion.
My grandfather, John Murray, is a professor and the Christian Service director at FWBBC. I love being around him, because he knows almost everyone, so I get to meet new people every time I visit. 

I believe that FWBBC will provide the education and training I need in order to become a teacher. Going to FWBBC will provide the chance to make Christian friends that will last a lifetime. I also believe that going to FWBBC will help me grow in my faith and become a stronger Christian.
While visiting the college, I have had several opportunities to attend chapel services and missions conferences, which challenged me and helped me grow in my faith. I am really looking forward to being in a Christian school surrounded by fellow Christians. Public school does not usually provide that kind of experience.   

ABOUT THE WRITER: Morgan Fite (age 16) is a junior at Mt. Juliet High School in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.  She did missionary work three years with her mother and brother in St. Croix, Virgin Islands.  Morgan is a member of Donelson Free Will Baptist Church in Nashville.



The History Detective

By Austin Deel

“The aim of education should be to teach us how to think rather than what to think,” said James Beattie. 
In a sense, he is right.  Most of the science out there today is largely based on the theory of Charles Darwin.  As a Free Will Baptist, I don’t share Darwin’s view, and I would rather not have to put up with those theories all the way through college when I am taking different subjects to send me on my way in the real world. 

I know that I can trust Free Will Baptist Bible College to teach me the same subjects I would take in a regular college, but at FWBBC the subjects are taught from a Christian view.

austin deelSince I want to become a professor of English and history, I want to learn these subjects, especially history, out of a curriculum based on facts drawn from the Bible.  I want to have the right view of these things, not the tainted one the world offers.  I can trust the FWBBC teachers to give me the right information.

A second reason for attending the Bible college is that the students are Christians.  Because Christians are different from people of the world, I won’t have to deal with behavioral problems as much as if I were going to a non-Christian college.  This way I can learn and get more out of the classes.

I can safely say that Free Will Baptist Bible College is where I will go to college after I graduate high school.  It has everything I am looking for, and I can’t wait to attend.

ABOUT THE WRITER: Austin Deel (age 13) is in the eighth grade at Martin Luther King Magnet School in Nashville, Tennessee.  He is a member of LaVergne Free Will Baptist Church in LaVergne, Tennessee.


What About You?

Have you considered studying at Free Will Baptist Bible College?  No matter what your interests, there’s something at FWBBC for you.  We train Christian leaders, pastors, musicians, youth ministers, and missionaries. 

However, we also offer degree programs for the business community, for health care professionals and teacher education specialists, for psychologists, coaches, international studies, and more.

Want to know more?  Email  Check out the college website at, or call (800) 76-FWBBC.



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