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March 2016


More Than Money


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Tell Me, Doc, How Long Does My Church Have?

A New Resource From Randall House Publications


Pastors tend to shy away from a handful of questions: How many? How often? What’s new? Is my church slowly dying?

The commentary on many of our churches is that the congregation is aging and may be one generation from ceasing to exist unless…. But what is that elusive unless? Few pastors, if shown what is needed, would ignore it and be content to decline. If our physical bodies show signs of trouble, we go to a doctor. We don’t have “church doctors,” but there are ways to diagnose some treatable church ailments.

Randall House has developed a Church Health Assessment to measure ten specific categories of health. Categories include: equipping families, building biblical worldviews, leadership, navigating change, outreach, discipleship, and developing volunteers or staff. The best part is that the Church Health Assessment is FREE and can be downloaded, or Randall House can send you a copy by mail.

What does the future of your church look like? You don’t have to wonder or fear the answers. Download the assessment and find insight to make your church stronger. Your church deserves a long and healthy future. Be the leader to walk the church through improving its generational health.

Go to and click on Church Health Assessment to download a PDF and Excel file. Make copies for teachers, deacons, and other leaders. Combine or average everyone’s results to see how you are doing. The results will indicate one of three possible descriptions—healthy, at risk, or dying. Each of the ten categories provides some prescriptions to increase your outlook in the future.




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