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A Home Missions Church Moves From Dream to Reality

by Paul and Stephanie McKissick

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Photo: The McKissick family

The dream of starting a second Free Will Baptist church in the Greater Fredericksburg area was introduced to us when we met with Richard Barnes, head of the Virginia Mission Board, in late 2001. In January of 2002, the board asked us to pray about leaving Arkansas to plant a new church in Virginia. After much prayer, we agreed to look things over and see if Virginia was where God wanted us.

By April, we felt God leading us to Virginia. We resigned our pastorate at Trinity FWB Church in Hamburg, AR, and in December, we moved to Fredericksburg with our daughter, Abigail. During the long months of fund raising, we asked God to provide the people needed to start a church, specifically in the music ministry. In October 2002, a young man named John Kirkpatrick contacted Paul. He had heard about the new church. He and his wife Wendy were moving to that area as a result of his job, and they were interested in helping with the church—especially in music ministry! When we met, we immediately knew that God had placed us together to work for His glory in this community.


The amazing things that followed cannot be explained. God’s hand was leading and guiding in all that happened. Before our first service in December of 2003, we decided that God wanted us to set our vision and values and to stand by them regardless of the circumstances. Because of this, we did not stray from or compromise our beliefs during the church planting process. God made it clear that people are looking for leaders who are held accountable, who have stability, and who carry out the principles they teach on a daily basis. This solid, firm foundation made the work go more smoothly along the way.

We praise the Lord that after two years of services, He recently made it possible for our church to become self-supporting—an established church! Our organization service, held on June 11, 2006, was a thrilling event for everyone in the church. One hundred and ninety people celebrated God’s goodness with us on that day. While we are thankful for the many people who provided financial help, we are even more thankful for those who supported the ministry with their prayers. Souls have been saved, lives have been changed, and a Bible believing and teaching church has been planted in Spotsylvania, Virginia as a result of your prayers. Thank you for standing with us in this endeavor.

Paul and Stephanie McKissick are home missionaries to the Greater Fredericksburg area of Virginia.



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