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by Jonathan Yandell


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Spring always brings pleasant changes to the winter world. Spring 2009 will also bring pleasant changes to CLEAR curriculum for adults with the introduction of Fusion, a new devotional magazine from Randall House for adults.

New Approach

Fusion devotional magazine will replace CLEAR Living magazine as the flagship CLEAR publication for adults. While Living has served some readers well since the outset of CLEAR, the workbook format, requiring a lot of journaling, the length of each day’s study, and the large size have been problematic for many. Fusion will bring a number of fresh and exciting changes—many suggested by CLEAR users.

New Emphasis

One key to this approach is the new daily devotional plan. In the past, the daily devotions have aimed entirely at preparing for the next Sunday’s lesson. Practically speaking, after Sunday’s lesson, adults would immediately move on to prepare for the next lesson without having opportunity to focus on applying what they just learned to daily life.




The brief, thought-provoking devotionals in Fusion are aimed at applying and responding to Sunday’s lesson on Monday through Friday of each week before using the Saturday devotional time to prepare for the next lesson. [above]

This approach more accurately represents the CLEAR philosophy of becoming doers of the Word, not hearers only. Coupled with a similar change on the teen level, this places the entire family on the same biblical theme all week long, not just on Sunday. With the familiar D6 Family Links, this change makes it easier to parents to interact with their children about what they are learning at church.

New Look

Since the Christian life is more than Bible study, Fusion includes articles relevant to the way you live, interviews with important Christian leaders, advice from expert columnists about real life issues—money (Dave Ramsey), marriage and parenting (Dr. Jim Burns), and health (Paul Gentuso, MD)—resource reviews (books, videos, websites, etc.), and even church and family-related humor. All of this is packed into a smaller size (6 X 9) with a fresh, new look without the workbook feel.

In the classroom, teachers will enjoy the companion FUSION Teaching Guide and FUSION Teaching Essentials. These tools are designed to make the group study experience more interactive and effective in teaching the principles of the Word of God.

Although Fusion is part of the CLEAR curriculum family of Sunday School/Bible study publications, it can also be used as a stand-alone devotional magazine by individuals who do not attend a class using CLEAR, making it a good outreach tool. In short, we think Fusion is a devotional you will use and a magazine you will enjoy!

Watch for these changes in spring of 2009. After taking time to use it, we would welcome your feedback as we seek to serve God and you.

About the Writer: Jonathan Yandell is a senior editor at Randall House Publications. He and his wife Diana live in Antioch, TN. Contact Jonathan at



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