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December 2021- February 2022

We Need Each Other


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The Giving Tree

By Phyllis York


“Do good and share what you have, for God is well pleased with such sacrifices” (Hebrews 13:16).

I love fruit trees. Apples, peaches, pears—it doesn’t matter. I like them all. I find it amazing to watch the trees bud and flower in the spring, with tiny fruits slowly replacing the blossoms. As summer arrives, the fruit gradually grows to maturity, finally ripening. As a child, I found it enjoyable to walk among the trees on my grandparents’ farm, picking ripe fruit anytime I wanted. It always seemed sweeter when it came right off the tree.


Too Much Fruit?

An amazing phenomenon happens if a fruit tree doesn’t receive proper care and maintenance. Unpruned fruit trees (and, sometimes, even pruned trees) will set more fruit than the tree can support. While “too much fruit” sounds like a good thing, it can lead to major problems. In some trees, individual fruits do not receive enough water. As a result, the fruit is small, hard, or bitter.
More commonly, the excessive fruit grows so large and heavy that branches begin to break. In extreme cases, the branches grow so heavy the trunk itself splits, damaging the tree beyond repair.

Fruit cannot be produced without the tree. And that’s why it is so important to take care of the tree that bears the fruit.


The WNAC Tree

For 87 years, WNAC has been “bearing fruit” as one of the most effective supporters of Free Will Baptist missions work. In the last decade alone, the ministry has given over $2 million to home and international missions. And this does not include the hundreds of thousands of dollars in supplies given to missionaries and church planters from the Steward Provision Closet. It does not include gifts to children’s homes, annual college scholarships both nationally and internationally, and local missions projects and objectives. To the glory of God, WNAC has produced excessive fruit!

But we need to take care of the tree.

While Free Will Baptist ladies always have been faithful in giving to missions, supporting special projects, and donating to the Provision Closet, we have not given enough attention to the WNAC office itself—the tree bearing the bountiful fruit.

As a result, the WNAC office is currently understaffed and underfunded. The budget has already been pruned to the breaking point. If something doesn’t change soon, the office could experience lasting damage.


The Giving Tree

To meet financial needs, the WNAC Board has established the WNAC Giving Tree, a fundraising campaign designed to increase annual income to the office by $35,000, relieving financial pressure and making future growth possible. You can join the Giving Tree by partnering with WNAC in one of the following categories of monthly giving:

White leaf: $10 per month

Bronze leaf: $25 per month

Silver leaf: $50 per month

Gold leaf: $100 per month

How many monthly givers will it take to meet the $35,000 per year goal?

  • 30 individuals, groups, or churches to give $10 per month

  • 25 individuals, groups, or churches to give $25 per month

  • 20 individuals, groups, or churches to give $50 per month

  • 10 individuals, groups, or churches to give $100 per month

WNAC Board member and CPA Jonda Patton (KY) encourages Free Will Baptists to join this exciting campaign: “Through the Giving Tree, we are laying the financial roots for Free Will Baptist women’s ministries to branch out and grow even more. Working together in Christ, we can continue to bear much fruit. Will you help us?”

Learn more about the Giving Tree and the important work of Free Will Baptist women at

About the Author: Phyllis York serves as acting director of WNAC. Contact her:


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