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What IMpulse?

IMpulse is a video magazine produced by International Missions for over four years. Each issue highlights ministries, workers, and international believers. Some segments take viewers IMpulse Logothrough a visual history of Free Will Baptist mission work. The video magazine has been available only by subscription, until now.


Where will IMpulse take me?

Embark on a journey around the world that will enrich and challenge you. Sit in the comfort of your home or church and visit with missionaries in Brazil, Panama, France, and India. Meet Christians in Central Asia, Cuba, Russia, and Côte d’Ivoire. Hear testimonies from Uruguay, Spain, Japan, and Bulgaria.


For once, it’s okay to follow your IMpulse.

IMpulse is now FREE! In the past, subscriptions were delivered in an expensive, boxed DVD format. Now we can deliver full-resolution, downloadable IMpulse segments on our website at no charge!

For those who prefer an in-hand, hard copy of the videos, we offer a flexible DVD. Call the International Missions office at 877-767-7736 to place your order today.



IMpulse Clips

Synopsis of IMpulse 5.1 segments

IMpulse 5.1 visits Bulgaria, Japan, and Central Asia. Download these segments from today.


Bread of Life—Pastor Matsuda not only serves his congregation, but also operates a home for people who need emotional and spiritual healing. Through baking bread and studying Scripture, God is working in these lives.


Bring it Home—The growing Free Will Baptist church in Svishtov, Bulgaria, is less than two years old. Tim and Lydia Awtrey highlight how their home-based Bible study groups are developing a sense of community, deepening spiritual maturity, and creating evangelistic opportunities.


Central Asia 300—Denis Nikiforov tells how Zephyr Hills FWB Church’s commitment to help build a House of Prayer in his village is encouraging church members and impacting the people of his community.


Hairdresser Evangelist—Meet Ginka a member of our Free Will Baptist church in Svishtov, Bulgaria, and a haridresser. Every day she takes advantage of natural opportunities to share the gospel in this needy city.


New Laws, New Plan—As Central Asian countries consider laws that will limit religious freedom, Christians seek viable options for service and ministry.


Shintoism—Pastor Kimura takes viewers on a quick journey through the history of Shinto, Japan’s primary religious system and the foundation of Japanese culture.




IMpulse 5.1 may also be received on a flexible DVD by calling Free Will Baptist International Missions toll free (877) 767-7736.




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