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The Jesus Difference


A Brazilian dentist has a life-changing encounter with the Savior.


the Jesus difference

by Geneva Poole


Some years ago, I went to a dentist for treatment of an abscessed tooth requiring a root canal treatment. During all the sessions, Bobby and I thought him cold, and found it hard to strike up a conversation with him. When my treatment was finished, we presented both the dentist and his assistant with a Bible, telling them about Jesus, and how He has proven His love to us.

When my regular dentist recently asked me to set up an appointment with this same specialty dentist, a dread came over me. During the intervening days, I prayed for God to open the door for us to be a blessing to him.

Even though our paths had not crossed for several years, everything seemed the same when we entered the office. The same receptionist was present. The waiting room décor and types of magazines seemed unchanged. I wondered about the dentist.

The door opened and he entered. He stopped to greet us and then went on to his office. He seemed so much friendlier this time. I was impressed.

After He evaluated my tooth problem, he wasted no time in changing the subject. He asked, “Do you remember giving me a Bible?”

He then filled us in on a little of what had happened to him since we had last seen each other. The very week he received the Bible, his son invited him to a Bible study. He said he proudly took his newly received Bible and went with his son. As he read the Word he recognized his spiritual needs and accepted the Lord as his Savior. Now he hosts a Bible study group in his own home with some 25 people in attendance. He is a changed person and constantly speaks of God’s goodness to him. More than once he affirmed, “Jesus makes a difference in my life.”

The story does not stop there. We have taken my regular dentist to this Bible study. What a blessing to have her sit beside me and read a verse, and watch as she listens intently to the words of the leader. Pray with us that we will soon see her allow Jesus to make a difference in her life, too.


About the Writer: Geneva Poole ministers with her husband Bobby in the Ribeirão Preto area of São Paulo, Brazil. The couple has served in Brazil since 1960. Learn more about the ministry of Free Will Baptist International Missions at



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