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April-May 2022

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Multitasking Discipleship

By Katie Greenwood


Facilitating many tasks at once can be a fun challenge for me. Recently, while I relaxed in my favorite chair, I chuckled at the satisfaction I felt after a particularly productive hour. A meal was cooking in the oven. I had started washing a load of sheets after putting wet towels into the dryer. I then added a few items to the dishwasher and started it before settling into my favorite chair. That’s when things really ramped up. I pushed a button on a phone app, and a robot began vacuuming the living room. I logged on to a store website and did our grocery shopping for the week. Oh, and I sent encouragement to some friends.

The bottom line: I was doing laundry, washing dishes, cooking a meal, vacuuming, grocery shopping, and encouraging friends—all at the same time!

Soon, I heard the chime of the completed dryer cycle. The dishwasher settled into the drying phase, and the oven timer joined the party to announce a cooked meal. Meanwhile, the robot vacuum cleaner returned to its base, and I received the confirmation number for my grocery order.

As I sat with my feet propped on an ottoman, it felt good to know so much had been accomplished in a short amount of time. I couldn’t help but wonder what my grandparents or great-grandparents would think of the way things have progressed, how different everyday life has become.

Because Randall House has become such an important part of my life and ministry, sometimes I find myself wondering what its founding team would think about the organization today. I know they’d be proud of the continued commitment to strong, biblical curriculum. And I imagine their delight in the many other ways God has expanded the reach and multiplied the efforts and dedication of those who have served throughout the journey.

Strong biblical curriculum is still at the heart of everything Randall House does, but God has provided many other avenues for Kingdom ministry. Randall House is a trusted resource for training teachers, encouraging parents, leadership development, and family discipleship through D6 Ministries. Randall House and D6 reaches around the world in Brazil, Korea, Malaysia, China, Russia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Denmark, France, India, Albania, South Africa, East Africa, Egypt, Chad, Ethiopia, Cuba, Mexico, and Spain. Several Randall House volumes are even used in non-English-speaking churches within the United States.

In addition to Bible curriculum for churches, Randall House also creates devotional study guides for every member of the family and provides various teaching and training opportunities for learning God’s Word, improving talents, and developing leadership skills.

Today, as I sit in that same comfy chair where I felt like a victorious multi-tasker, I picture a young boy in Singapore learning about the Good Shepherd. I am reminded of a nurse in North Carolina who daily points patients and co-workers to Christ because she chose to dedicate her life to God while attending a teen leadership conference developed by Randall House. I smile at a social media post of a young married couple serving as small-group leaders in their local church. I remember seeing them at a D6 Conference and listening as they talked excitedly about the impact it had on them. The face of a dad I know comes to mind, and I am grateful he found the devotional study guides from Randall House helpful in leading his family and keeping his marriage strong.

So here I am—feet propped up on the ottoman again. I am feeling thankful, not because my laundry finished, and my dishes were washed during my online grocery shopping trip. This time, I feel thankful for the many ways God continues to use Randall House to provide curriculum resources and so much MORE—multitasking discipleship.

About the Author: Katie Greenwood is the director of curriculum at Randall House. She has been married to her best friend, Steve, for three decades, and they have three daughters. Katie has a passion for inspiring others to love the Lord and His Word. Learn more about multi-tasking resources:


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