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October-November 2023

Forging Ahead


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Welch College in Gallatin, Tennessee, has been the official college of the Free Will Baptist Denomination since 1942. To find out more information about the school, visit

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Welch Press Releases Christians in Culture

“I heartily commend this volume as one that will enable readers to think and live in an informed way, grounded in the redemptive work of Christ and the grandeur of our majestic and gracious God.”

That’s what David Dockery, President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, said in his foreword to Welch College Press’s most recent publication, which can be purchased at

Christians in Culture was written by ten Welch College faculty to equip readers to engage the spheres of culture in a manner that is equal parts biblical and winsome. This book was edited by Matthew Steven Bracey and Christopher Talbot, each of whom teach courses in theology and culture. Both Bracey and Talbot wrote chapters for the book.


“We’re incredibly thankful to see this book published. My prayer is that it would help readers better and more fully understand how to live faithfully under Christ’s Lordship in every sphere of life,” Talbot said. “We’re also thankful for how this book demonstrates our educational philosophy at Welch. Each discipline works in harmony with every other one, which our various contributors exemplify, as we each confess Christ as Lord.”

“Whether you are interested in the arts and entertainment, sports and recreation, technology and science, politics and economics, labor and vocation, or history and tradition, this book is relevant for you,” the book’s slipcover reads. R. Albert Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, describes Christians in Culture as “an incredibly helpful guide and resource. I highly commend it to Christians today. Read every chapter and put it into many hands.”

“In many ways, this book also serves as an introductory text to worldview thinking for Christians trying to make sense of the cultures in which they live,” Bracey said. “It is careful yet accessible, appropriate for high school and college students alike, as well as laypeople and church groups interested in the intersection of their Christian faith and the spheres of culture. I hope and pray that people will find it helpful in their Christian walks.”

Welch President Matt Pinson, who also contributed several book chapters, said, “Christians in Culture represents the sensibilities of Welch College by teaching us that we do not need to withdraw from the culture but also we do not need to be compromised by the culture. As Forlines once wrote, ‘We don’t need the culture to transform us, but we need to transform the culture.’”

People interested in the book may purchase it at



College Welcomes 80 New Dorm and Commuter Students

At the beginning of the fall semester, Welch College welcomed 80 new dorm and commuter students to campus. The new students began undergraduate studies in one of Welch’s 50 programs of study under the loving supervision of the faculty and staff. As director of enrollment services, on behalf of the enrollment team, we are excited this moment has finally arrived.


God has granted us the opportunity to assist these parents and students throughout the admissions process. This is a big moment for these students, and we consider this a ministry opportunity to work with these parents and students. This is also an exciting time for our campus, with the largest new student enrollment since COVID-19 and our third largest new student enrollment in a decade.

Several parents responded with encouraging comments after move-in day:

“Thank you so very much for the love and attention. ...Your care was God-honoring, and we are so thankful!” —Amber

“I love that the heartbeat and mission of Welch is to be a community of faith and learning. Knowing that my daughter will be known, mentored, and discipled by the Welch faculty and staff gives me so much peace, which says a lot, since we are many hours away from her!” —Pat

“It is a great gesture for you to check on how things are perceived. I cannot offer anything but encouragement and satisfaction with what I have seen.” —Gary

As we look ahead to a great semester, here are four ways you can pray for these 80 new students:

  • Pray students will apply themselves to their academic studies and develop appropriate study habits.

  • Pray they would mature in their faith and look back on their years at Welch as important years of spiritual growth.

  • Pray for friendships that encourage them to serve Christ.

  • Pray for the Spirit’s guidance as they transition from parental supervision to a higher level of independence.

—Daniel Webster, Director of Enrollment Services, Welch College


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