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What's Next for Master's Men?


Taking the next step in Men's Ministry...


What's Next for Master's Men?


“I want people to know that Master’s Men is more than sports,” says Director Ken Akers with a smile. “Don’t get me wrong. We enjoy softball and golf, and they are a great way to fellowship and raise funds, but they are a very small part of what we do. Master’s Men is about promoting spiritual growth among Free Will Baptist men. We want to develop men of purpose, purity, and passion—men who are serious about loving God, leading their families, and serving their churches and denomination. Stronger men build stronger homes, and stronger homes make stronger churches.”

Master’s Men brings together groups (or chapters) of Free Will Baptist men in local churches regularly for fellowship, Bible study (using studies provided by Master’s Men), and service activities. In addition to these local church activities, men across the nation work together to carry out cooperative projects, from training to building Home Mission churches to providing Free Will Baptist disaster relief. Consider the opportunities available to you in the coming year.


Looking Ahead

Free Will Baptist Disaster Relief has become an integral part of the mission of Master’s Men. After Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast in 2005, Free Will Baptists responded by giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to storm victims. The overwhelming response made it clear Free Will Baptists needed an organized plan to channel relief efforts and supplies to victims of natural disasters. Master’s Men assumed responsibility for coordinating these efforts for the denomination.


What's Next for Master's Men?

Photo: Master's Men volunteers held rebuild an orphanage in Haiti.

In 2010, the department spearheaded relief efforts in Haiti after a powerful earthquake leveled the island nation. They rebuilt an orphanage dormitory destroyed by the quake, installed water filtration systems after a cholera outbreak further threatened the health of the islanders, and constructed greenhouses to provide thousands of seedlings that will provide nourishment to starving Haitians.

In recent months, Free Will Baptist volunteers have remained busy providing relief to cities in the tornado-ravaged areas such as Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and Joplin, Missouri. To join the Free Will Baptist Disaster Relief team, visit or call 877-767-8039.

In July, Master’s Men coordinated Impact Charlotte, the annual one-day, outreach event held in conjunction with the Free Will Baptist convention. Since 2006, more than 2,000 volunteers have participated in neighborhood outreach, renovated churches and homes, and canvassed neighborhoods with door-to-door evangelism. These men, women, and young people have seen 47 people come to know Christ as a result of their efforts.

Operation Saturation is an annual joint project between Master’s Men and Free Will Baptist Home Missions. On August 27, 2011, volunteers—both men and women—from across the nation will gather in Buffalo, New York, to participate in a one-day information blitz. Under the direction of home missionaries Brian WIlliams, Darin Alvis, and Timothy York they will blanket neighborhoods near NorthPoint FWB Church, going door-to-door with flyers, surveys, and other relationship materials about the new congregation.

Ongoing Ridge Church maintenance will continue August 15-19. After four years of intense renovation, the annual project will turn its attention to upkeep and minor repairs. No special skills are needed, and everyone is encouraged to participate. “If you can lift a paint brush, you qualify for this trip,” said Akers.

In previous years, volunteers repaired the sagging roof, replacing joists and worn shingles. They painted the exterior, removed two deteriorating chimneys, reinforced the bell tower, repaired drainage problems under the church, and renovated the interior of the sanctuary.

The church, which began meeting in 1793, was constructed in 1820-21, making it the oldest standing Free Will Baptist church structure. The project began after delegates to the 2007 convention voted to help the New Durham congregation (which no longer meets at the Ridge Church) maintain the aging structure in light of its historic significance.

CMI (Count Me In) Conferences are state and regional events that challenge men to a deeper spiritual walk while teaching them to mentor others effectively. The next CMI Conference will take place October 20, 21 on the campus of California Christian College in Fresno.

The National Softball Tournament and Golf Challenge will be held August 4-6 in Nashville, Tennessee. Softball teams will enjoy two days of high-impact tournament competition—at least five games—with other Free Will Baptists from across the denomination. Golfers will enjoy the annual Golf Challenge at Windtree Golf Course in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. The two-man, best-ball tournament will be followed by an awards ceremony and barbeque lunch in the clubhouse.


What Will You Help Master’s Men Do Next?

Director Akers is the first to admit he has tackled a big job. “Master’s Men is a department of one,” he quips. “With only one full-time employee and a part-time assistant, we lean heavily on the support of Free Will Baptist men and women to get the job done. Without prayer, volunteers, and financial support, Master’s Men would be unable to continue this ministry.”

His statement begs the question. What will you help Master’s Men do next? Join Master’s Men, whether through support or personal participation, to make a difference in and through the lives of Free Will Baptist men.

Master’s Men exists to accomplish the following:


Discipleship. An effective Master’s Men chapter facilitates spiritual growth in men. Faithful teaching of the Word of God calls men to intimacy with God, purity in life, leadership in the home, faithful worship, mentoring others, commitment to the mission of church and denomination, prayer for pastor(s), and a burden to share the gospel.


Stewardship. Master’s Men members are taught to support the ministry of the local church and denomination financially. They learn that stewardship involves not only giving to the Lord’s work, but giving their lives to advance Christ’s kingdom.


Soul-Winning. Master’s Men mobilizes men of the denomination out of spiritual lethargy and challenges them to influence their families, communities, and workplaces with the life-changing message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Edification. Master’s Men equips men to serve the Lord through their local church by developing them into spiritual leaders.


Fellowship. Men need the examples and encouragement other men can provide. One of the greatest benefits of a Master’s Men chapter in any church is the relationships that develop as the result of a common commitment to the person of Jesus Christ.


Does your church need a Master’s Men chapter? With your paid membership to Master’s Men, you will receive:

  • Membership for every man in your church.

  • Direction Bible Studies.

  • Meeting Planning Guides.

  • Priceless Opportunities for Fellowship and Inspiration.

Visit, or call 877-767-8039 to learn more.




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