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simple faith


by Jim and Vicki Sturgill

LUISA BEGAN ATTENDING OUR CHURCH in Belo Horizonte as a very young child. Soon, several in the family made commitments to Christ. Not long afterward, her dad lost his job. After weeks of looking for work and spending only the bare minimum to sustain life, things only became worse. So this little girl made a very sincere request for prayer—that her dad could find work.

The simple faith of a little girl moved the heart of God.

A professional cook, her dad decided to make and sell specialty snack foods, and Luisa asked us to pray for successful sales. Jorge* quickly had more orders than he could fill. However, he continued searching for employment, hoping for the stability employee benefits would bring. While dad hunted, the little one continued to ask the church to pray for her dad’s employment. Before long he obtained a job that met the needs of his family.

Several weeks passed. When he arrived home from work one day, Luisa took Jorge by the hand and led him to a quiet place. She said, “Daddy, sit down, we need to have a serious talk.” Intrigued by her statement, he sat and quietly waited.

“Daddy, when you lost your job, the church prayed and God fed us, right?” Jorge readily agreed.

“Daddy”, Luisa continued, “when you decided to make and sell the snack foods, the church prayed and you had more orders than you could handle, right?” Jorge nodded his agreement.

“Then, the church prayed again,” Luisa persevered, “and you got this good job, right?” Once again, he agreed.

“Well, Daddy, don’t you think you owe it to God to tithe on the income He gave you?” And Jorge did.

A small girl. A simple faith. An uncomplicated story.

Where does it fit in your life today? How are you handling what God places in your hands?

*Names have been changed

Jim and Vicki Sturgill recently retuned to Belo Horizonte. They have ministered in Brazil since 1974. To contact the Sturgills, visit the International Missions website at



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