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August-September 2016


Relentless Parenting


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Special Topics

Exploring new and important resources from D6 Curriculum.


Even the title causes one to pause. Why special? And what does “special” mean? Some may think of that whiny pop-culture question, “Well, isn’t that special?” Not so much, when you say it that way. Webster, however, suggests that special has a particular, different, or distinguished purpose.
You may have noticed the new D6 2GEN curriculum features “Special Topics” in every teaching guide.

Again, one should ask why. Have we not insisted on an exegetical approach to studying Scripture? Don’t we work methodically through a section or book exploring the depths and truths that God intends? Yes, yes, and yes again. Then why does Randall House interrupt those exegetical studies to address “special topics” through topical studies?

Let’s explore the rationale for the shift, and you decide if it is warranted. The world is changing rapidly, and we all agree that the Bible is our guide to faith and practice in this evolving landscape. Every generation faces problems never encountered by parents and grandparents. In order to build godly gladiators, we must equip our kids to know how to put on the whole armor of God.

To help each generation stand, we must equip, teach, and train every generation the principles of Scripture, not just blindly following rules, but by understanding the principles. If our kids cannot articulate why sin is bad, or an attitude is good, then they can easily be persuaded otherwise. Difficult topics arise every day in school, workplace, and society. Let’s learn what God says about these challenging issues together and talk about them at home and at church.

Kids need to understand that God’s Word provides principles to address such issues. It is wise to warn our children to stop and look before they cross the street. It is much more urgent and eternally important to prepare them to be on guard for hostile philosophies that seek to destroy their faith.

Randall House values systematic, expository teaching of God’s Word and aligns the family themes so faith conversations occur between parents, kids, and grandparents (even those who live many miles away). Each quarter, D6 2GEN leads teachers and students through the exegesis of a New Testament study and Old Testament study. D6 2GEN tackles a Special Topic using the same principles of exegesis from multiple places in Scripture (because most topics cannot be taught solely from one passage of Scripture).

For example, D6 2GEN will walk teachers and students through a study about “Explaining the supernatural from the Bible, not the box office.” The study will cover what the Scripture says about angels and the devil. Our kids adopt many beliefs from the media; we need to help them discern what is truth.

In an increasingly sinful world, purity is not an easy subject to teach but is desperately needed. Therefore, we will teach a series of lessons about God’s design for sexuality, which will allow older students to deal with topics of modesty, purity, and biblical principles while younger students study the feeding of the five thousand. These topics are taught in an age-specific way. We will not overstep boundaries, but the teaching guides will not assume every dad and mom is dealing with these issues. Other special topics in the coming year include “Tearing Down Modern Day Idols” and the “Attitude of Privilege, Not Obligation, in Serving Christ.”

There is value in addressing these special topics. Imagine the meaningful conversations around the dinner table when kids, parents, and grandparents are learning how to biblically address these challenging topics together. Let’s build generational gladiators and equip every member of the family to put on the whole armor of God.

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