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how to TAME A LION


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THE NEXT TIME YOU TREK THROUGH THE JUNGLE, you might want to take a kitchen chair with you. At least folklore would have us believe that this would be the best defense against a ferocious, charging lion. We have all seen the image of the classic lion tamer: whip in one hand and chair in the other; the lion sitting, mesmerized just a few feet away. While we certainly don't recommend that you "try this at home," in the jungle, or anywhere, there is a reason why that image endures. It is true.

Lions are among the strongest, fastest and most fierce predators in the world. However, we routinely see the image of the lion tamer in a cage among powerful lions with only a chair and his training to protect him. Within only a few seconds the lion could dispatch this troublesome lion tamer using only a portion of its strength. Yet, the lion resists because of the chair.

The secret behind it is that it turns the lion's greatest advantage into its greatest weakness. Lions have an incredible ability to focus. They are adept hunters and can track their prey with uncanny precision. When faced with the chair, however, the potential "prey" becomes four.

The chair is always presented to the lion with the legs pointing at it. The animal sees the four legs and attempts to hone in on these new targets. His attention moves from one leg to another like a fast moving clock. He becomes so preoccupied trying to track the four legs that he becomes confused and can't move. It is simply too much for the lion to absorb. His inability to focus has caused him to be still.

In many ways, we are like the lion. We accomplish so much in our daily, busy lives. Yet sometimes, like the lion, we sit still when action would produce remarkable results. Today, more than half of the adults in our population do not have a will, although most know the importance of having one and the peril of not having one. Perhaps you do not have a will, or it has been a few years since you wrote yours and you need to update it. You are like a magnificent lion stopped by a simple chair.

Unleash the powerful lion and call us for information about how to update your will. Ask how you can include a Free Will Baptist ministry in your plans. You might find that the only thing between you and a lasting charitable legacy is a chair. This is the chair in front of your attorney's desk. Have a seat with him or her and learn how simple writing your will can be. Make a lasting difference in the world.

Please call toll-free (877) 336-7575 or e-mail us at for more information. You might be amazed at the power waiting to be released.

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