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September 2017

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Truth & Peace Leader

By Brandon Roysden


Students and leadership— for some, these may seem like competing terms. Doesn’t the whole idea of being a student imply submitting and learning from some authority? While it is true students often don’t feel qualified or mature enough to be what many consider a leader, we actually believe it is important for students to begin to learn and practice leadership while they are young.

Youth is a gift. It provides its owner the energy, the passion, and often the free time to invest in personal development and in causes that are important. Unfortunately, we often downplay the importance of these activities for our young people. We set low expectations and encourage immaturity by warning students of the drudgery and loss of freedom adult life brings.

At Truth & Peace Student Leadership Conference, we believe there is no greater time to capture the imagination, motivation, and future of our homes, churches, and communities, than by investing in the development of the next generation while it is young. It’s one of the reasons we developed the Truth & Peace Leader as a resource to help parents, youth pastors, and mentors start students down the path to present and future leadership.


Truth & Peace Leader debunks the myth that leadership must wait until one is older. It simplifies the leadership journey into five characteristics to make it more relatable to students. It shares examples of people both past and present who decided to make a difference even in their youth.

At the end of the day, our future is riding on the ability to educate children and students in the present. God has created them for a purpose. He has a unique design for their lives, and He wants them to realize their full potential. We hope Truth & Peace Leader is one tool He uses to help them along the way.

About the Writer: Brandon Roysden is director of events at Randall House Publications. He and his wife Beth live in Ashland City, Tennessee, with their children Ethan and Kate. Order your copy of Truth & Peace Leader at





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