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October-November 2013


November 2013

Journey of a Lifetime


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Larry and Wanda Powell


A Wonderful Journey

Parting Words From Home Missions Director Larry Powell


As my time as general director of Home Missions North America comes to an end, I do not plan to ride off into the sunset like a character from an old western novel. No, I am looking for the next new adventure, with places to go, things to do, and most of all, ways to serve.

I can hardly believe I have spent 12 years at Home Missions. It seems like only yesterday that Wanda and I unpacked and settled in. We have experienced some of the most exciting and satisfying times of our lives.


Larry Powell Family

We enjoyed the thrill of mission work when planting churches in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and South Texas. Yet, even more exciting has been the opportunity to work with church planters across this great land as they win precious families to the Lord Jesus, see them baptized, and grow in faith. Time and time again, we have witnessed the mighty hand of God bringing thousands to salvation in Christ.


Larry Powell

Thank you, dear Free Will Baptists, for allowing us to serve and supporting us, first as missionaries and then as general director of Home Missions. Thank you, beloved staff and dedicated Home Missions Board members, for your devotion and support. You have been a blessing to my life. What a joy to work with other departments here in the Free Will Baptist National Offices. The fellowship has been tremendous, and the friendships formed will be cherished for our lifetime.

We are excited about new opportunities to serve wherever our Lord leads. This is an exciting time in our lives as we anticipate what lies over the next horizon.

Thank you for everything. We love you all.

Brother Larry


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