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April-May 2016


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More Than Alphabet Soup


These acronyms may not mean a thing to you. However, the people with whom I work and communicate on a daily basis can rattle them off without giving their meanings a second thought. Acronyms allow us to remember big things in a shorter, more concise way. They also serve a purpose, because the letters stand for something important to us.

Last September, The Hanna Project began a construction endeavor at the Free Will Baptist hospital in Doropo. Our first day, God began a project! We will call him baby “G”(garçon is French for boy).

This little boy began his life at the hospital in Doropo. Births, deaths, healings, and help take place every day of the year at the hospital because of the leadership of BERACA.

The Hanna Project is an NGO, as is BERACA in the Ivory Coast. The Hanna Project partners with BERACA to serve the people of the Ivory Coast and especially the hospital in Doropo where baby “G” was born. The Doropo hospital is fully managed by BERACA and their leadership team. BERACA has also initiated a micro-loan program to help Ivorians begin their own small businesses.

An NGO is a non-governmental-organization. The United Nations says NGOs “are often the most effective voices for the concerns of ordinary people in the international arena.”

The Hanna Project is blessed to have a partnership with BERACA. They are our ears and eyes in the Ivory Coast. Because of their direction and guidance, we are able to multiply our efforts of bringing help, hope, and healing to our Ivorian medical staff, pastors, and leaders. We look forward to many years of ministry because of this partnership.

For those who want to know:

THP — The Hanna Project
FWB — Free Will Baptist
IM — International Missions
NGO — Non-governmental organization
CMP — College Missions Program
E-TEAM — Eagleton-Teens Equipped and Active in Missions
RD — Regional Director
OA — Overseas Apprentice
IMLT — International Missions Leadership Team
BERACA — Transliteration of Hebrew “berakha” meaning “valley of blessings”


Ivory Coast Construction Project 2016

The Hanna Project will continue the renovation of the hospital in Doropo.  After more than 50 years in existence, the hospital continues to provide much needed help, hope, and healing to the farthest corner of the country. Skilled laborers, plumbers, carpenters, tile and masonry workers, roofers, and electricians are needed to make this project a success. Please consider donating to cover the
cost of materials:

  • Application deadline: March 15, 2016

  • Cost Per Team Member: $3,000

  • Project dates: July/August 2016

  • Total Project Cost: $20,000





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