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December - January 2023

Lighting the Darkness


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From students in Puerto Rico to refugees around the world, join other Free Will Baptists in bringing hope and light to a dark world.

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Fast Response to the Refugee Crisis

In the wake of recent war and natural disaster, millions of people across the globe need help and hope. Their need is immediate, urgent, and immense. Free Will Baptists have offered compassionate concern and prayer on their behalf. But they didn't stop there!





Reaching Gen Z With the Gospel

Generation Z, children of Gen X and early Millennial parents, are the first generation not to remember life before touch screens, hand-held devices, and phones that aren’t attached to a wall. They care little for the formal and appreciate openness, transparency, and honest discussions about things other generations swallowed hook, line, and sinker. But the real question is: How do we reach them with the gospel?




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