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The view from my knees...



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The infield pop fly caromed off the aluminum bat, lifting high into the beautiful June sky. Craning my neck to judge where the ball would land, I shouted, “Mine! Mine! I’ve got it!”

I had taken only one step toward the ball when something struck a heavy blow to the back of my right leg, and I heard a vicious snap. Falling forward, I landed face down in the damp clay. Rising on an elbow, I turned quickly to see whom I had collided with, concerned about his injury. No one lay on the ground beside me. Suddenly it hit me…hard. It was my injury.

White-hot pain coursed through my lower leg, and I crumpled back to the ground, writhing in agony. Concerned teammates gathered around, eventually carrying me to the bench.

The X-rays told me what I already knew—the injury was severe. I had torn my Achilles tendon. Surgery and a long, painful recovery were inevitable. Over the next few days (as anyone who has suffered a severe injury will understand), I underwent an abrupt change of perspective:

The day before the injury, I complained loudly that seven weeks was not enough time to finish preparations for the national convention. A day later, the same seven weeks stretched out eternally.

On Thursday, I was a young man in the prime of life, relishing athletic events, and proud my team was winning another game. On Friday, my doctor “officially” informed me that I was too old for high-impact sports.

Before my injury, my daughter was never ready on time. Now, she often smiles and waits patiently while I struggle to put on my socks, making my family late again. Pre-injury, I was proud of my selfreliance and ability to get things done. Today, I am grateful for the arm my petite wife offers when she helps me into the car.

The deadlines, problems, and issues that once seemed insurmountable now pale in comparison to the monumental challenge of physical therapy.

Aren’t you glad that God is not subject to sports injuries, human events, and fluctuating emotions! He is not affected by political trends or the tides of human government. He doesn’t worry about the results of the November election, and the pressures faced by today’s family do not overwhelm Him. He doesn’t operate on our time schedule; His plans are eternal.

In uncertain times, we cling to the certainty that God will never suffer a change of perspective!

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