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THE TATTERED PATCH OF GREEN CATCHES MY EYE as I lift another box from the deck of the big, yellow moving truck. Dropping the box to one side, I move a dining room chair, shuffle some shelves, and finally stand on tiptoe to peer between the columns of cardboard. As I get a better look, my heart begins to thump faster. I shove my fist deep into the boxes, grab a handful of polyester, and pull an ugly, green blanket into the sunlight.

My blanket.

Someone hits the rewind button, and for a moment, I visit my childhood—lying on my blanket in the sunshine, curling up with my blanket in the (very small) backseat of our Plymouth Arrow, dragging my blanket through the dust as I follow my dad into the garden, waiting anxiously beside the dryer. For a moment, I am Linus again—just a boy and his blanket.

Dragging myself back to the future, I smile down at the threadbare wad of cloth, and wonder where the years have gone. I scan my memory for the last time I held the blanket. Perhaps I tucked it away when I realized my security didn’t come from a worn blanket but from a mom and dad who feared God and loved each other. They weren’t perfect, and life was sometimes tough, but I never went to bed wondering if one of them would be gone the next morning. Their love was my real security blanket.

Today, I’m the daddy of a little girl who carries around her own blanket. It’s yellow. I long to share with her that same sense of security, but it’s not easy. Sociologists predict that marriage itself is dying. Busy lives, exhaustion, financial conflict, sexual temptation, addictions, and a host of other deadly traps threaten today’s family. The 21st century is not an easy place to live.

But then again, neither was the 20th century. I remember missionary Lorene Miley’s anguished cry when her thirteen-year-old son left for boarding school a thousand miles from their home, “Oh, God please…”

My heart finishes her cry. Oh God, please…

  • Protect my daughter’s heart from lust, bitterness, and pride.

  • Give her a desire to know you more.

  • Teach me to love my family the way that you love me.

  • Keep her safe—not from the dangers of the world, but from the dangers within.

  • Help me…

Small hands slide around my arm and interrupt my thoughts. “Daddy, what’s that thing? It’s ugly!”

“It’s my blanket.”

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