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Jun-July 2022 | Congregation on Call

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Who Made the Trees?

Summer School

Prayer as Ministry

The WNAC Giving Tree

Whatever Happened to Soul Winning? The Conversation Continues...

Uncle Bob

Called to Support Missions

Winter Creeper of the Soul

Don't Curdle the Custard!

Ready for Disaster

A Celebration 200 Years in the Making

Chaplain With Clarity

No Regrets!

Finding God's Will

The Sufficiency of Scripture and Christian Worship

Reset: The 2022 D6 Conference

Back to Birmingham



First Glimpse: Flying Under a Different Banner

Primary Source: Samuel Johnson: Born Almost Dead

Brown on Green: And He Died...

Refresh: Avoiding Roadblocks to Church Growth

Intersect: Becoming a Model Church

Leadership Whiteboard: The Role of Critics

Better Together: Answer the Call to Go the Extra Mile



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