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making ministry simple

by Scott Cheatham

Simple is a flexible, easy-to-use book that can be integrated into any style of ministry program.



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HOW CAN WE PLACE ESSENTIAL INFORMATION about being a Christian into the hands of people searching for Jesus? SIMPLE!

Robert J. Morgan's book on the basics of the Christian faith is a staple of our resource library at Rangeview Community Free Will Baptist Church in Denver, Colorado.

We began using Simple this past spring as we launched a sermon series based on the book during the Easter season. After picking up a copy at the 2006 convention in Birmingham, I began plans to integrate it into the ministry of our church as soon as possible. First, I identified what I felt would be the best time to introduce the book. I decided on Easter Sunday.



From there, I designed a custom invitation using the book’s graphics and placed these in the hands of our people. They in turn used them to invite their friends. Every person who walked through our doors on Easter Sunday received a copy of the book as an incentive to return. We ordered an extra case of books to be sure we had enough. Despite a blizzard on Easter Sunday, 12 new people came through our doors and gladly took their complimentary copies of the book. For the next five weeks, each message was based on one of the five parts of the book. Since then, we've integrated the book’s information into our ministry process here at Rangeview.

We use the books as a way to follow up on newcomers. When we visit with new families, I give them a copy of Simple to help answer their initial questions about becoming a Christ follower.

For the future, I am developing an interactive curriculum of newcomer lessons that will utilize Simple. The book will be an integral part of our “Rangeview Connections” class that will share the history, vision, and ministry process of our church. As we share the gospel of Jesus Christ with new families, Simple will be an integral part of opening doors to grow our church plant here in the Rockies!

Simple is a flexible, easy-to-use book that can be integrated into any style of ministry program. It can be used on its own, as a giveaway, or as part of a larger class for newcomers. For us, the book will continue to be a valuable addition to our church.

I am thankful for the author and the staff at Randall House publishers for putting such a tremendous tool in our hands to help people understand what it means to be a Christian.


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Scott Cheatham is a pastor and church planter in Denver, Colorado. He and his wife Rebecca have been married for 19 years. They have three children.


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