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Mobile Bay


It is wonderful to know that this indeed is God’s work, and that He is not only aware of what is going on, He is in control.


at home in mobile

by Tim Riggs


The Bible tells us in Mark 16:20: “And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.’’

Since arriving in Mobile, Alabama, in December of 2006 we have tried to be faithful to go forth with the gospel in this area where God has called us. It is not easy and many do not respond to our invitation to church and the presentation of the gospel the way we would like. Enough has happened in the last several months, however, to show us that the Lord has been working with us and confirming His Word. In fact, the Lord constantly reminds me that I am merely a tool for Him to use. I am very limited in doing what God has called me to do, in and of myself. But, our Great God knows this, and if I will be faithful to His calling and leading, He will be faithful to accomplish of what I cannot do.

I have also noticed that the blessings God gives are often in direct proportion to our faithfulness to get out the gospel everywhere we go on a daily basis. If we will be faithful to preach the gospel, whether it is in the pulpit, at a stranger’s door, in a neighbor’s yard, or by a hospital bed, God will send blessings our way. Over the last several months those blessings have come in various ways. After being in existence for only four months, the Lord dropped in our laps 6 ½ acres of land with two buildings on it. This property is in a wonderful location, right beside the high school where we started having services and only one mile from our house.

God is blessing us financially, not only through many of you, but also through those God has sent to our church. God blessed us by providing a young couple to help us in this work. Most importantly, God continues to confirm his Word by souls that are being saved and lives that are being changed.

It is wonderful to know that this indeed is God’s work, and that He is not only aware of what is going on, He is in control. If we will do what we can and should do, God has ways of reminding us that He will do what we cannot do. We have His Word on it!


About the Writer: Tim Riggs is a Home Missionary to Mobile, Alabama. Learn more about the ministry of Free Will Baptist Home Missions at



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