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April-May 2022

Everyday Discipleship


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Mothering in Church

Seasons of life present us with new and sometimes difficult situations. Caring for elderly parents, battling chronic illness, and entering or ending a career—such circumstances present unique challenges and can make church attendance and fellowship with the Body of Christ difficult. Mothering young children is another season that can be challenging as we strive toward spiritual growth and community with a local body of believers.

Young mothers often find themselves either managing their own children in the pew during service or caring for a group of children as a nursery or children’s ministry volunteer. It is easy to become discouraged by the prospect of another Sunday morning of toddler tantrums, missed naps, and nursery volunteer shortages. The “big church” on the other side of town with a booming kids’ program (and an hour of peaceful worship for mom) can start to look very attractive.

Allow me to share three statements of encouragement for those moms wondering if church is even worth all the trouble on Sunday morning. Keep reading...


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