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august-september 2008

Shaping the Nation

The August-September 2008 issue of ONE Magazine addresses two vital issues facing today's American believer—the issues overshadowing the November presidential election and the challenges facing today's family.

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Download the August-September 2008 issue in PDF format.


First Glimpse: Personal Thoughts on a Historic Decision

Intersect: The Greatest Presidential Speech

Your Dollars at Work

CLEAR Teacher of the Year

One to One: No Greater Joy



News at Free Will Baptist Bible College

News Around the World

Meeting in the Mountains: 2008 Convention Review

News About the Denomination



How Many Randall House Employees Does It Take to Move a Table?

One in 168

A Typical Family

Riding the Roller Coaster

Power of the Vote

Abortion: A Christian Appraisal

Alone Again

Peace in the Storm


Who Is Your Pilot?

Mission: North America

The Generous Entrepeneur

Are You a Binger

How to Be Fruitful in Retirement

The Cold War

A Walk Through Tangiers

Houston, We Have a Problem

Operation Egg Drop


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