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August-September 2019 - Homemade Faith

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Standing Up to the Mom Push

Lead Your Homes in Family Worship-Discipleship


Brave Enough to Be Broken

Let Them Go

It's a Church

Just a Spark!

The Johnson's Journey

Choices: Freedom and Responsibility

Does Your Wallet Reflect Your Worldview

For God and Country: 2019 Power Conference

A Heart for Lost Soldiers

Sailor's Call

Brown Water in His Blood, Part 2

Multi-Site Church Polity: Congregational or Episcopal?

Answer the Call



First Glimpse: A Burden for Free Will Baptists

Leadership Whiteboard: Self Awareness

Intersect: Kept in Love, Part 2

Brown on Green: Grants Delivered in 2019

One to One: "Waisting" Away



Around the World

Across the Nation

At Welch College

NAFWB Convention Review

Vertical Three Review



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