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August-September 2023 | Changing World...Unchanging Mission

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Changing Lives Through the WMO

Changed by CMP

Missions and Worship in Perfect Harmony

God Has a Plan

Dancing Through Difficult Days

Funding Efforts to Reach the Unreached

Help From Home

Training Military Missionaries

Joseph the Overcomer

On the Move

Recruiting for Boot Camp

God Speaks

A Sequel Stands Beyond

Does Your Love of Money Make You a Bad Decision-Maker?

From Coal Country to Colquitt



First Glimpse: Are You "Wearing" Your Faith?

Recipe for Life: Apple Dumplings

Refresh: Reaching the Wi-Fi Generation

Primary Source: The Adventures of Mary Rowlandson

Intersect: Unexpected Arrival

Brown on Green: Bond... Government Bond

Leadership Whiteboard: "It" Matters to the "Thing"

Better Together: Bitter or Better Together



Around the World

At Welch College

About the Denomination

2023 NAFWB National Convention Review

2023 Vertical 3 Conference Review



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