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September 2015

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Becoming a Director

By John Brummitt


As I look back on the road the Lord has led me on, I am amazed to see how He truly guides our steps, even when we do not fully understand His reasoning at the time. I was born into a Free Will Baptist preacher’s home. I was raised in church and active in my father’s ministry. As a child, I was not always content with the fact that church always came first in our home, especially when I had to miss a ball game because it was scheduled for a Wednesday evening. Looking back, I realize that missing a few ball games to learn about the relationship I should have with the Lord was a small price to pay.

During my high school years, the godly example and heritage set before me developed into a deep love for the Lord. I was not always a shining example of what it means to be a Christian in my public high school, but I was an example. Like most high school students, I had many plans for my life, although very few came to be. In my plans, a local college was the best choice. In God’s plans, I enrolled at Welch College. In my plans, I would remain at Welch for two years at most. In God’s plans, I graduated four years later with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, not my first choice in majors. If I had followed my plans, I never would have attended the place where I met my wife and was introduced to my employer.

Two years after graduation, I found myself discontented in my work. I did not feel as though I was using my education and training in the way that was useful to the Lord. I was surprised to receive a call from Ray Lewis. He asked me to interview for the position of business manager at the Board of Retirement.

After I was hired and began to learn about this vital ministry, I decided I needed to further equip myself for the task God had placed in front of me. I graduated from Tennessee Tech University in 2011 with an MBA (master’s degree in Business Administration) with an emphasis in finance. I know the Lord has allowed me to follow this path, and to train under the outgoing director for nine years before opening the door for me to expand and develop this ministry as director of the Board of Retirement.

The task the Lord has set before me is not easy, nor do I take it lightly. This ministry serves those in the denomination who give their lives serving others. The Board of Retirement provides retirement benefits for all denominational employees, from pastors to department heads, and we strive to be the best retirement option for each of our participants.

While the leadership is changing, our goals remain the same. We want to provide every Free Will Baptist employee with the means to create a sustainable retirement, so they are comfortable in their retirement years and able to serve the Lord in capacities that were impossible during their working career. I believe the beginning of retirement is not the end of our ministries, but a time to explore new avenues of service.

As I move forward on this path I would ask a few things of you. First, please remember the Board of Retirement in prayer. While our ministry of investments and finances is different from other ministries, we still need prayer. Second, I ask for prayers and support for me as I begin my tenure as director. This is the Lord’s ministry with which He has entrusted me, and I want this department to grow, as He would have it grow. We do not pray for good returns; we pray that the One that controls everything would help us prepare His servants for whatever the future holds.

I look forward to serving this denomination as director and pray that together we can minister to this world to bring more people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.


About the Writer: John Brummitt graduated in 2011 with an MBA from Tennessee Tech University. A 2004 graduate of Welch College, he has been with the Board of Retirement since the spring of 2006.



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