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David Brown

brown on green

by David Brown


About the columnist: David Brown is the director of the Free Will Baptist Foundation. Learn more about how the Foundation can help you give more effectively at



Welcome to the first installment of “Brown on Green.” In future issues, this column will be dedicated to financial advice. It is intended to be interactive, and your questions are greatly appreciated. They will be kept in strictest confidence and answered anonymously. To submit a question, email

Because so many people today have trouble saving money, that’s where we will begin. The most important advice about saving money is simple yet profound. Start! Getting started is the key, because even a small amount grows over time. Set aside an “emergency fund” to avoid creating debt when unbudgeted financial needs arise.

To save effectively, you must first identify where your money is being spent. Careful budgeting helps you carve out funds for savings. Put the principal of “living on less than you earn” to work by diverting any increase in pay to savings. When installment debts or credit cards debts are paid off, keep making the payments…to your savings.

Second, ask yourself, “How much of my income should I save?” Set an initial goal of 10%. This will allow you to set aside five to seven percent of your earnings for retirement (no one wants to depend on a Social Security check) and divert the rest into your emergency fund or toward a long-term purchase.

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