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clear teacher of the year 2007

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Do you have an incredible Sunday School teacher? Why not nominate him or her for the CLEAR Sunday School Teacher of the Year award?

Nominees for CLEAR Teacher of the Year must fulfill the following criteria:

  • The teacher must currently be teaching from CLEAR Sunday School Curriculum.

  • A recommendation to Randall House must come from a Sunday School superintendent, senior pastor, or Christian education director.

  • All age groups are eligible, but only one winner will be chosen. Nominations must reach Randall House by April 30, 2007.

To nominate a teacher for CLEAR Teacher of the Year, visit or request an entry form at:

Randall House Publications
114 Bush Road
Nashville, TN 37217
(800) 877-7030



What makes a great teacher?

What criteria should you look for in a good teacher?

  • A teacher who is able to capture the attention of students and relate to them on their level

  • A teacher who is confident in his/her knowledge of Scripture

  • A teacher who inspires students to dig deeper into the Word of God

  • A teacher who helps students apply truths of Scripture to their lives

  • A teacher who is growing spiritually in his or her own spiritual life and is involved in the spiritual growth of students’ lives


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