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benjamin randall day approaches

by Larry Powell

For more information about the FWB Home Missions Department (now North American Ministries), please visit

THE Benjamin Randall Offerings…

fund our outreach into the harvest fields of North America. Home missionary church planters will reap support from your gifts on November 19, 2006.

The Mid-Atlantic and East

Dana and Betty Booth recently moved to Rochester, NY, where they are gathering a core group. Tom and Pam Jones (who planted a growing church in Pittsburgh, PA), along with team members Nate and Jenna Altom, have turned their focus toward Greensburg, PA. They have a deep desire to win families to Jesus. Allen and Jenny Hall have teamed up with Steven and Lauren Kimbrell and have their eyes and hearts focused on York, PA. I feel confident that these outstanding couples will do excellent work. Today, we have 20 missionary couples sharing Christ and His love with the eastern United States.

The Rocky Mountains and West

Benjamin Randall gifts will benefit new church planters who are headed out west. New appointees, Chris and Carla Fannin (former missionaries to Puerto Rico), are now gathering prayer and financial support for a second work in Prescott, AZ. Howard and Patsy Gwartney built their first Free Will Baptist church in Mesa and are now going south of Phoenix to Florence, AZ to win families to Christ. Robert and Holly Ketchum will push far west to Seattle, WA to open their work for Free Will Baptists. Jeff and Sondra Cates are headed north toward the Texas Pan Handle area to Canyon, TX to minister to ranchers and families connected with the cattle industry. Today our department has some 26 missionary couples working in western states sharing “the cross of Christ.”

Toward The South

New appointees, Larry and Sherry Reynolds, are experienced church planters who started a church in Chandler, AZ. Now, they are headed south to Meridian, MS. Larry and Sherry have a passion for souls and will work hard to plant a church. The Benjamin Randall offering will help support efforts in this rapidly growing city. Free Will Baptists currently have 16 church planters scattered across the South, reaping a harvest of souls.

Home Missions also has many missionaries among the nationals in Mexico and church planters in the islands, in Canada and Alaska.

Sunday, November 19, 2006, is the day to remember. Please plan for it! Announce it!Promote It! Make it a big day for Home Missions North America. Your gifts will help these men and women introduce others to Christ.




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