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December January 2018: Discipleship

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Fruit Bearing Fruit

Living Out Discipleship

Connecting in Sticky Moments

What Type of Church Will You Plant?

Culto en la Iglesia Hispana

Where Is Your Treasure?

Meshing a Master's With Ministry and Life

The Theological Contributions of J.P. Barrow

Partnerships Make It Possible

The State of Volunteers

Twice Pardoned


All Looks Jaundiced to the Yellow Eye

Six Unshakable Pillars

How to Suffer Without Being Harmed

CAP: A Ministry Opportunity

1/168 Is Not Enough



First Glimpse: Duct Tape

Leadership Whiteboard: The Dark Side of Leadership, Part 2

Intersect: Shame on You, Part 1

Brown on Green: The Value of a Christian College Education

One to One: Brother Waldo



Across the Nation

At Welch College

Around the World




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