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December 2020 - January 2021 | Passing the Faith

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Through Stormy Waters

Discipleship: Teaching the Young to Adult

No Program, No Process—Just Discipleship

Is Your Church Netflix or Blockbuster?

College Admission...Ministry?

Why Support Welch College?

Education on the Cutting Edge

Pitching Our Tents Toward Discipleship

All I Want for Christmas Is...

From the Loftiest to the Lowliest

Planning for Retirement

Re:invest: Podcast and Resources

Hairy, Six-footed Honey-Makers

Enjoy the Journey

Stirring Potential

Responding to Sally

What a Ride!



First Glimpse: The Gift

Intersect: Music and Singing in Corporate Worship

Refresh: Mini Big Days

Brown on Green: Is It Time to Retire?

Leadership Whiteboard: Burnout Through the Eyes of Winnie the Pooh

Better Together: We Need God



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