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June-July 2016


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Dusty Sandals

By Clint Morgan

In 1857, a pastor named James Smith preached a sermon entitled “Keep Close to Christ!” In his introduction, he shared the last words of advice from a dying minister to his sister. The transcript of the message gives his account of this final encounter between the pastor and his loving sister.

The words of a dying minister, realizing the value of the soul, and the solemnity of eternity, are important words. Taking her by the hand, and fixing his eyes upon her with a loving look, he said, “Keep close to Christ!” What could he say of more import? Her life lesson was comprised in four words, “Keep close to Christ!” She had come to Jesus, she professed love to Jesus, she found happiness in Jesus; but the dying brother knew the deceitfulness of the human heart; the power of the world’s fascinations, and the craft and subtlety of Satan, therefore he exhorts, “Keep close to Christ!” May the Lord give us grace to get near to Him, and then give us more grace, to keep near to Him; for alas! how many of us, like Peter, follow Him afar off.

Last year, I attended the International Fellowship of Free Will Baptists in Campinas, Brazil. National leaders from five countries gathered for fellowship, ministry reports, dialogue, and strategic planning for the future.

Several of the national pastors were asked to prepare messages for this gathering. As I listened, I was impressed with the depth of their messages as well as the passion and compassion of the speakers.

One of the speakers referred to his appreciation for well-polished shoes. He launched from this thought to a reference to the disciples and their time with Jesus. I think we all could agree the disciples probably were not greatly concerned with polished sandals. This pastor reiterated that those who followed closely to Christ more than likely had dust from His sandals on their sandals. A disciple should not have “polished shoes.” Instead, as he follows closely, dust from the Master’s shoes should be on theirs.

Do we have dust from His sandals on ours? “For even hereunto were ye called: because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow his steps” (1 Peter 2:21).


About the Writer: Clint Morgan is director of Free Will Baptist International Missions. Learn more:





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