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February-March 2016

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Fourth and Inches

Tell Me, Doc, How Long Does My Church Have?

Twenty-First Century Stewardship

The Martha Complex

Do You Have a Plan for Retirement?

False Statements in Retirement Planning

How Did I Arrive Here So Quickly?

Legacy of Stewardship

The Generosity Principle

Settling an Estate May Take Dogs, Cowboys, and Lawyers

Give Me That Mountain

Found Faithful

Soraya's Story

Lessons From the Valley

Do Free Will Baptists Still Wash Feet?



First Glimpse: Crowdfunding

Intersect: Dealing With Discouragement

Brown on Green: Aunt Hazel's Tomato Farm

Leader Profile: Steve Trail

One to One: D.Ray



Around the World

WNAC: Flourish

Across the Nation

At Welch College

News About the Denomination




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