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February-March 2021 | Ripple Effects

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Ripple Effects

The Farmer

Hairy, Six-Footed Honey-Makers, Part 2

Three Perspectives

If Not You, Then Who?

Committed to the Commission: Becoming a Mission Active Church

Go Global

Our Living Hope

Better Together

Uncomfortable Lessons

Seven Laws Every Teacher Should Obey

What Is the Purpose of Music for the Gathered Church?

What You Told Us (About ONE Magazine)



First Glimpse: Bonus Bag

Intersect: Faith in Action

Refresh: The Importance of a Church Mission Statement

Brown on Green: Cheap Gifts

Leadership Whiteboard: Mental Toughness and Whack-a-Mole

Better Together: They Need You!



In Memoriam: Remembering Leroy Forlines

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