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February-March 2022 | Past the Offering Plate

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The Giving Lamp

Don't Take the Gamble

Why Is "Legacy Leaving" Important?

The "Offering Moment"

It's Time to Move!

Things That Went Right

Redeeming the TIME

Beyond the Facade

The Disappointing Call of God

Returning to Church in a Post-Pandemic World

A Brilliant Beginning

Through the Eyes of Love, Part Two

Whatever Happened to Soul Winning?

The Leap That Landed Me in Prison

Reaching Gen Z: Part One

One Nine-Year-Old, Third-Grade Boy at a Time

Celebrating Two Decades With My Dad



First Glimpse: A Different Question

Leadership Whiteboard: The Value of Experience

Intersect: Are You the One in Ten?

Brown on Green: Perseverance

Refresh: Generating Momentum

Better Together: The Good Life



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