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february-march 2006

STEWARDSHIP: Giving the Gift of You

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AS YOU EXPLORE THE FEBRUARY-MARCH 2006 EDITION OF ONE MAGAZINE, you will find stories of stewardship. You will peer across the waves with Harrold Harrison and sweat with the marshal on the dusty streets of Dodge City. You will meet a genuine steward(ess) with Chuck Snow. And through it all, you will be reminded that we should never take our lives lightly...


All Eyes on Birmingham: 2006 Convention Preview

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News About the Denomination


First Glimpse: Goulash Grandma's recipe for a savory dish...

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One to One: The Offertory "I tried not to stare at her, but I couldn't help it... "












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Marching Toward a Second Million

A Faithful Steward

Are Your Church Doors Wide Enough?

The Snowball Effect

Church Planting: You Can Do It; We Can Help

Proud to Serve

This Place Is Tough!

Strengthening the Foundation

Buckle Your Seatbelt

Marshals of Dodge City









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