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FIRST GLIMPSE: the case of the mysterious, moving bible

by Eric Thomsen, managing editor, ONE Magazine

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THE UGLY SQUIGGLES OF INK leaped from the page.

“Jennifer,” I yelped, “did you write in my Bible?”

My wife looked up from her Bible study, and with a raised eyebrow shook her head.

“Victoria…” My voice trailed off as I realized that my six-year old could not read King James English well enough to mark her favorite passage without help.

I sighed. I just couldn’t help it. It was another troubling episode in the case of the mysterious, moving Bible. Over a period of three weeks, it seemed a devious intruder had taken an interest in my Bible—my favorite Bible—a Christmas present I treasured. Covered with supple, hand-cured calfskin and printed on the highest quality paper, I was a proud owner. Always one to take good care of any Bible, I was meticulous with this one. Not only did I refuse to write in it, I was careful not to leave it anywhere that heat or sunshine could damage the binding.

Yet, without warning, my Bible began to move. I would leave it on my desk, and it would appear on the kitchen table. After dropping it into my briefcase at night, I would awaken to find it on the nightstand the next morning. Each episode left me scratching my head. And now…now the strange activity had taken a new and disturbing twist. Who would dare write in my Bible?

Shaking my head in frustration, I slowly descended the steps to my office. Dropping into my chair, I spun around to face the computer…and froze. There, lying beside my keyboard was the Bible I had just left on the dining room table. Bible in hand, I leaped from the chair and dashed upstairs, ready to end the mystery. To my amazement, I found a second Bible lying on the table, identical to the one in my hands. With mind whirling, I flipped through the familiar pages. Same version, leather, paper, and publisher! The only difference between the two was a handful of verses underlined in the Book of—well, that information is classified.

You see, as I stood there in consternation, my mind flashed back to a moment at the National Convention in Louisville, a moment when I found my Bible lying in the convention office and thought, “I already packed this.”

I had.

It seems I accidentally acquired (pilfered, lifted, purloined…stole) a beautiful King James Version, Signature Series Bible from some poor individual who thought his Bible would be safe on my desk.

It wasn’t.

Only one loose end to tie up in the case of the mysterious, moving Bible: Who owns it? That is where you come in.

If you lost a Bible at the convention in Louisville, a Bible in which you underlined your favorite verses—you know the ones I mean—give me a call. I’ll be glad to send it to you, and I’ll even pay the postage!





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