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it's not all fun and games


by Eric Thomsen

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From time to time, questions arise about Master’s Men and sports ministry, questions like “Why Sports?” or “Couldn’t you do something more meaningful?” The questions are valid. After all, little eternal value is attributed to smashing a home run or making par—although some golfers might argue that a hole-in-one would be the answer to their fervent prayers. Yet the Master’s Men Department continues to promote regional and national sports events? Why? The answers are simple:

  • Sports events promote discipleship. Yes, discipleship. In many cases, church sports events provide a non-threatening way to involve fledgling believers in church activities. As a young believer rubs shoulders with seasoned veterans of the faith, his own faith deepens and grows (Proverbs 27:17). Participation in sporting events at a regional national level exposes the new Christian or new church member to the work of Free Will Baptists beyond their local congregation.

  • Sports events promote personal and denominational fellowship. According to Church Sports International, 75% of Americans watch, read about, or participate in sports once a week or more. Our society enjoys sports! That means the golf course or ball-field is a natural place to gather for fellowship and competition.

  • Sporting events help fund the ministries of Master’s Men. While dues and donations are the primary source of funding for the department, tournaments provide supplemental income. With the ministries of the department gaining momentum, every dollar counts. And sports events provide Free Will Baptists with an enjoyable way to support Master’s Men…even if they strike out during the game itself.

To quote one church website, sports ministry creates, “…a casual setting that testifies to the gospel of God’s grace, encourages believers to participate in recreation, strengthens relationships, and contributes to spiritual, emotional, physical, and social well-being.” With these things in mind, most would agree that sports ministry is more than fun and games…and who knows? Maybe you will finally make that hole-in-one at the next golf tournament!






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