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October-November 2021

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Going Deeper: A Gameplan for Growth

By Eddie Moody


Our churches need to grow.

We need to disciple our children.

I want to give my all to the Lord.

These thoughts frequently run through our minds, but unless we focus upon what we can specifically do to address them, we will never accomplish what we would like. Coaches do not just say, “We want to win more games.” They talk about and focus upon specifics to accomplish team goals. We must block out more, take wiser shots, and so forth.

Three for 30 works much the same way. Last year, the Free Will Baptist denomination developed the 3 for 30 plan which involves reaching, training, and giving our resources back to the Lord. If we reach, train, and give of our resources, our churches and ministries are more likely to grow.

It is easy to get distracted in our busy world, but a church focused upon reaching its community will likely see less backbiting and complaining and more growth. If we are actively engaged in discipling and equipping others, we should see a healthier church. And, if we all identify and develop our resources, we should be more effective.

In other words, if we go through life thinking about who we are reaching and training and giving, we are more likely to stay on task as Christ’s disciples.

If you focus on these three goals this fall (and throughout the decade), you will not be alone. And the Executive Office is working hard to provide resources to help, including the following:

  • In August, the Executive Office provided resources to help churches and associations study their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

  • In September, resources focused on reaching specific groups, including college students, those struggling with same-sex attraction, and prisoners, among others.

  • In October, we are considering ways to train and disciple people more effectively.

  • In November, we will identify the resources we have and how we can use them in the Lord’s work.

Working toward goals together has great value, so get in the game.

Let us hear from you. Send us your updates at and share what you and your churches and ministries are doing to reach, train, and give. We will share with others, and it will be a way to demonstrate how we truly are better together.

About the Author: Eddie Moody has been executive secretary of the National Association since 2019.


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