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The last christian generation

by Josh McDowell

ISBN  1932587667
Price  $12.99

 “If when he seeth the sword come upon the land, he blow the trumpet and warn the people.”  Ezekiel 33:3 summarizes Josh McDowell’s writing.  He is warning us of coming disaster unless we listen to the trumpet. The Last Christian Generation  graphically depicts the devastating effect the world is having on our young people.  They live in our homes, attend our churches yet leave us with characteristics more akin to the world than to our faith.  McDowell shows us they are not walking away from God. On the contrary, they want God in their lives, but on their terms.  The mores of the home and standards of the church have not become a conviction in their lives.

This book is not for everyone, only for those who are willing to hear the sound of the trumpet.  “Christianity is one generation away from extinction.”




The Christian life doesn’t have to be complicated

by  Robert J. Morgan
ISBN 0892655623 
Price $7.99
$4.99 each when purchased by the
case (24 books)

The premise of Simple, best-selling author Rob Morgan’s newest book, is that the Christian life doesn’t have to be complicated. Morgan explains the ABCs of Christianity—assurance, baptism, church, devotions, and evangelism. Although Simple is intended for new Christians, more mature believers can also read this straightforward volume with profit. Randall House Publications is offering a special rate to churches, organizations, or individuals buying this helpful title by the case (24 books).   



out of the comfort zone

by George Verwer

ISBN 0764224786
Price $7.99  

As the founder and leader of Operation Mobilization for forty years, George Verwer has had a front row seat as he has observed Christian missions during the past half century. In this important book Verwer shares with fellow believers what is really needed in con-temporary missions. For those who care about winning the lost around the world (which should be all of us) Verwer has provided “a compelling vision for transforming global missions.”  This is a book which will challenge your thinking and nudge you out of your comfort zone.  


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