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Why Men Hate Going to Church

by David Murrow
ISBN 0785260382 
Price $14.99

"More than 90% of American men believe in God, and five out of six call themselves Christians. But only two out of six attend church on a given Sunday."

How many men were in your congregation last Sunday? The author's eye-opening research says your congregation probably had less than 40 per cent. Murrow states, "Men have a religion, masculinity." He believes today's church is experiencing feminization. The author found three gender gaps: presence, participation, and personality. The book explores biological and social differences between men and women. Murrow explains how to restore the masculine spirit in the church. Ask a man why he doesn't go to church and you'll hear words like boring, irrelevant, and hypocrite.

This book should be read in small doses. The subject is powerful and disturbing. The conclusions and solutions might change your church!


I Love God’s Sense of Humor; I Just Wish He’d
Let Me in on the Joke

by Stan Toler
ISBN  0834122499 
Price $12.99

All of us have problems. It is the price of living in a sinful world. When difficulties come your way, reach for a copy of this book. It is designed to help you through life’s awkward moments.

The author offers practical help to “deal with some of the most pressing problems in your life—with a smile on your face.” Drawing from the lives of Bible characters, he provides insight into overcoming obstacles, disappointments, fear, temptation, anger, inadequacy, doubt, hopelessness, failure, and loneliness. These godly men were not paper saints. Toler helps us learn how to handle the pot holes on the road of life by studying how they handled their problems.



Rock Solid Kids

by Larry Fowler
ISBN 0830737138 
Price $17.99

Larry Fowler dedicated his life to children’s ministry when he was 13. Many church workers believe children represent the future. Taking the reader through Mark 10, Fowler shows why he believes they represent the kingdom of God today. Jesus made children a high priority.

Yet it was parents who brought the children to Jesus. Larry says of the mounting decline in a biblical worldview among teens, “there is little anyone can do, unless the home (and hence the parents) are involved at the core.” Rock solid kids are the products of rock solid parents. Most parents today are choosing to abdicate this responsibility.

Larry explains how the church can send children from non-Christian families back into their homes with the Word of God, allowing the Holy Spirit to draw their parents to Christ. “The teacher will not see the child’s understanding of a biblical truth as the end of a process— that is not completed until the parent has heard as well.”

This volume is a must for every children’s worker and parent.


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