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Voices of the Faithful

Inspiring Stories of Courage from Christians Serving Around the World
with Beth Moore


This unusual book contains devotional messages written by almost 300 missionaries. The 366 entries in this volume call believers to a “life of extreme devotion and heroic faith.” These daily messages reveal what God is doing around the world while demonstrating His faithfulness in the face of the uncertainty and danger of this age.

Beth Moore wrote introductions to each month’s devotions; a different missionary serving on an international field prepared each devotion.  Voices of the Faithful will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and discover your role in missions.


The Truth War

Fighting for Certainty in an Age of Deception
by John MacArthur

Truth has come upon hard times. Multitudes, including unbelievers and Christians, claim absolute truth does not exist.  In The Truth War, well-known pastor and Bible teacher, John MacArthur issues a call to arms. He insists, “Truth is always under assault. And it is actually a sin not to fight when vital truths are under attack.”

MacArthur shows the importance of truth and certainty in a postmodern society and sets forth the pitfalls of postmodern thinking. He also exam-ines the Emerging Church Movement, pronouncing  it “inherently flawed.” This book is direly needed in a day when many church leaders are “apa-thetic about truth and sound doctrine.”



Regaining Balance

91 Days of Prayer and Praise

by Randy Sawyer
$9.99 ($7.99 each when buying 10 or more copies)

Regaining Balance is a devotional journal designed to help readers regain focus and balance in every aspect of life through increased spiritual discipline. This includes such practices as solitude, prayer, meditation, Bible reading and memorization, fasting, worship, ac-countability, and service.

Each day includes a Scripture portion and a key verse. Sawyer adds a bit of commentary and then outlines “work” (a spiritual discipline) for the reader. Although Regaining Balance is meant to be used for personal devotions, a free, online leader’s guide is available to help pastors and Bible study leaders use this book in a group setting.



To order the products featured above, or to find more quality Christian books and resources, contact Randall House Publications at (800) 877-7030 or visit


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