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Toy Box Leadership


Toy Box Leadership

by Ron Hunter Jr. and Michael E. Waddell
ISBN 9780785227403
Price $19.99





Toy Box Leadership is a creative look at the toys from our childhood and the leadership lessons gained from hours of playing with Lego® bricks, Mr. Potato Head, green army men, and many more. The authors take ten classic toys and create practical object lessons on leadership, providing a refreshing overview of themes ranging from relationships to communication to endurance.
Forget the latest leadership trends and theories! The most important leadership lessons are learned as kids through the simplest of sources—toys. In this fun and fresh book authors Ron Hunter Jr. and Michael E. Waddell reveal how your favorite childhood toys have already taught you the secrets of successful leadership.

What are others saying about Toy Box Leadership?
Toy Box Leadership is a creative, enjoyable book that allows the reader to remember yesterday while preparing for tomorrow. —John C. Maxwell, author, speaker, and founder of INJOY Stewardship Services and EQUIP
Toy Box Leadership is a clever and important book. —Jeffrey Fox, New York Times best-selling author of How to Become CEO
I wish every CEO had this book in his or her toy box. —Laurie Beth Jones, author of
Jesus CEO
, The Path, and Jesus, Life Coach
Toy Box Leadership can transform you from a passive role-player into a dynamic leader. —Andy Andrews, New York Times best-selling author of The Traveler’s Gift
Toy Box Leadership serves as a teaching tool and resource that can be invaluable.
—Dick Vitale , ESPN
Toy Box Leadership will take you back in time while helping you move your organization forward, using favorite old-school toys as metaphors to teach business strategies and leadership principles. —Ken Blanchard, co-author, The One Minute Manager and The One Minute Entrepreneur

In Toy Box Leadership, you will discover:
• How your Slinky Dog can teach you to lead your team with a vision
• Why Mr. Potato Head had the right idea about communication
• What Little Green Army men have to say about strategy
• Why successful people are a lot like Weebles
• Plus leadership traits from six more classic toys

Whether you’re an executive, a manager, or a parent, you’ll find this toy box full of easy-to learn and simple-to-use lessons to successfully lead and influence others.

Ejoy the following short excerpt from the chapter on Lego® bricks:

Nathan Sawaya’s largest Lego® project to date is a replica of a Chris Craft Speedster. It took him more than 180 hours, and he used almost 250,000 bricks. It is more than 10 feet in length, and it holds the world record for the largest Lego® boat.
When commenting on his method, he said that building with Lego® bricks takes a “bottom-up approach.”
The same is true with relationships. When you make a connection, it lays a foundation upon which you can build. The more connections you make, the stronger your foundation becomes and the higher you can build.




Walking With Moses


Walking With Moses–Talking With God

by Cinda King
ISBN 9780892656677
Price $10.99



Walking With Moses—Talking With God is a six-week study that will take you on a journey through the most significant events in the life of Moses as he finds himself serving as an unlikely leader to the children of Israel. Cinda King found herself serving as an unlikely leader in ministry and relates to the journey of Moses.

This topical study examines the leadership role of Moses found in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Each day of the study begins with a focus text to review and ends with a summary statement relating to the walk of Moses accompanied by a reminder to talk with God along our own journey.

The author uses situations lived by Moses to bring clarity to the path many others walk in following God; times of questioning, strange encounters, significant markers, and evidence of provision and protection. The example Moses set of hearing and faithfully answering the call of God is a wonderful lesson for all ages.




Birds in My Mustard Tree


Birds in My Mustard Tree

by Susanne Scheppmann
ISBN 9780892656684
Price $10.99




Birds in My Mustard Tree is a six-week study by Susanne Scheppman, a gifted author and speaker serving with Proverbs 31 Ministries. Faith may begin as a mustard seed, but the author shares the goal to expand it until we have birds roosting on our mustard tree of faith.

The study begins with a review of the concept of faith that leads to lessons on exercising faith, amazing faith, shattered faith, resting in faith, and a stronger faith. The author examines several heroes of the faith in both Old Testament and New Testament passages.

She also adds modern anecdotes, personal stories, and a place to journal in the form of a prayer in each day’s study. Each lesson ends with a place to journal as a prayer relating to



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