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Insignificant Ones

It's not what you know, but Who you know...


Ode to the Irreplacable Insignificant

by Larry Reynolds


No, this is not a misnomer. Some church members are irreplaceably insignificant. It has been my privilege to become acquainted with some of God’s choice servants. I refer to the Journeyman From Zero, the Seamstress From Sand Ridge, and many others. They may not be famous or enjoy vast fortunes, but their faithfulness leaves an indelible mark.

First, I want you to meet the Seamstress From Sand Ridge, my late mother-in-law, Pauline Burgess. As the funeral director was casually filling out the biographical sheet for her obituary in the newspaper, he remarked, “Wife, mother, grandmother, factory worker—guess that about covers it. Would you like to mention anything else, family?”

In the depths of my spirit, I wanted to remind him that she was not just a sewer of gloves; she was a mender of hearts. Often, after meeting her production quota, she would assist someone else. It is not unusual for others to recall her genuine care and open witness. I lovingly refer to her as the “Hound of Heaven” God graciously put on my trail during my military service. Mrs. Burgess taught primary and junior age Sunday School classes and worked as song director for more than 40 years. Her legacy shines on through the love she so freely imparted and instilled in her family.

Second, let me introduce the Journeyman From Zero. Robert (Bob) West is affectionately referred to around our mission church as Brother Bob—a mentor, faithful friend, and master builder. He and his wife Marie attended our first service and have continued to be an integral part of the mission work. Brother Bob built a beautiful intercessory prayer wall for our sanctuary based on the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. He also built a children’s playground and is always helping others. His spirit and demeanor are readily summed up through often-repeated words of encouragement and support: “Now, Pastor, the Lord sent me here to shoulder some of the load I know you bear.” The value of such loyalty and commitment is immeasurable.

I could share much more about the Seamstress From Sand Ridge and the Journeyman From Zero, but what makes them who they are is the fact that they came to know the Carpenter From Nazareth. He is the Savior and Builder of our souls.


About the Writer: Larry and Sherry Reynolds are home missionaries planting a Free Will Baptist church in Meridian, Mississippi. Read more about the work of Free Will Baptist Home Missions at


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