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investing for eternity

by Richard Adams

GOD HAS BEEN GOOD TO HOME MISSIONS. With His guidance, churches have been started across the United States, Mexico, and the islands. However, many of these young churches find it difficult to purchase land or begin construction. With that in mind, the Home Missions Board authorized the organization of the Church Extension Loan Fund, a religious, non-profit investment program. As the list of C.E.L.F. investors grows, doors of opportunity will open for churches started by FWB Home Missions.

What is the purpose of the investment program?

The sole purpose of the program is to provide financial assistance to Home Missions churches and projects. Each loan is perpetual, with the new church repaying the loan.

Where does C.E.L.F. get money to make the loans?

Term notes or securities are offered to investors at varied rates of interest. These notes are available to anyone interested in advancing FWB Home Missions. These investments provide a great opportunity to invest money, and earn a good return, while helping the Home Missions Department build churches.

What is the relationship of the Church Extension Loan Fund to Home Missions?

This investment program exists within the administrative framework of the Home Missions Board. In other words, the same Board of Trustees serves both corporations. However, C.E.L.F. is a separate legal entity and is responsible for its own transactions, assets, and liabilities.

Who owns and manages the investment program?

Like other denominational ministries, the program is operated by the Board of Trustees and officers of the corporation, all elected and/or approved by the Home Missions Board.

Does C.E.L.F. earn a profit?

The program is designed to be self-sustaining. Profits gained from time to time will be used to increase the balance of the fund which, in turn, will make more money available to Home Missions churches. The operation of this investment program is not underwritten by the Home Missions budget.

How secure is the investment program?

As a non-profit, religious corporation, the fund does not qualify for federal insurance (FDIC). However, at the direction of the board, a large portion of all deposits is reserved (held in escrow) as a security measure. A Christian organization dealing with Christian people adds an unusual dimension of security not found in most investments.

How is interest paid?

Interest is paid semi-annually with the following payment options for each investor. Interest may be paid by check each six months, or it may simply be added to the principal and compounded every six months for the duration of the note.

Who has access to the money?

The General Director-Treasurer is responsible for receipting and expending C.E.L.F. funds. A fidelity bond insures those involved in this process. In addition, an independent CPA will audit all financial transactions. A semi-annual report is submitted to the Board of Trustees.

When can investments be withdrawn?

Investments can be withdrawn upon request. Thirty days notice is required.

Are early withdrawals penalized?

There is no penalty for early withdrawal of deposits.

What if interest rates go up or down?

If a decline in rates makes it necessary to decrease the rate of interest, investors will be notified and given the opportunity to withdraw their investment (or accept the lower rate of interest). The same is true if interest rates increase.

Is the interest on investments taxable?

Yes. Even though C.E.L.F. is a non-profit organization, interest is taxable income.

The Church Extension Loan Fund gives Free Will Baptists an opportunity to expand the cause of Christ, yet earn money while doing so. Your investment is loaned to churches who, in turn, give you a good return on your investment.

Jesus told his followers, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Every Christian should be concerned about how his money is being invested. Are you taking every opportunity to let your money work for God? Although the interest rates of C.E.L.F. are competitive with most commercial rates, the greatest benefit comes from knowing that your investment helped establish a Free Will Baptist church where souls will be saved and lives will be changed. Let God use your money and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you are INVESTING FOR ETERNITY. For more information, contact:

FWB Home Missions
Church Extension Loan Fund
PO Box 5002
Antioch, TN 37011-5002
(877) 767-7674

Dr. Richard Adams is director of development for the National Home Missions Department. He is instrumental in arranging building loans for home missionaries and other FWB churches. He also works with the Build My Church program and raises general funds for the Home Missions Department. Contact Richard at



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