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Too often, the importance of the role of laymen is taken for granted. Laymen are the building blocks of the local church, and they have a profound effect upon the success or failure of the ministry of each church. The June-July issue of ONE Magazine takes a deeper look at lay ministry, from stories of remarkable men and women who have made an impact on their world, to suggestions for becoming a more effective member of the congregation. No couch potatoes here!

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First Glimpse: Missing

Mission North America Offering

Hispanic Missions in California

Trading Places

Intersect: A Tale of Three Grandfathers

In Review

One to One: No Greater Joy



News Around the World

News at Free Will Baptist Bible College

2008 Convention Preview

News About the Denomination



Where Have All the Naugas Gone?

The Million Dollar Layman

Three Musketeers

A Song in a Strange Language

Melting the Ice

How to Give Away Your Money

Putting the Pieces Together

When You Don't Know What to Do

England and America: Will History Repeat Itself?

A Soldier's Thanks

Hobo and Flo

We Made an "A"

God's Wildcat

Staying Connected in Retirement

How NOT to Drive on the Road to Heaven


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