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June-July 2013


June-July 2013: God's Hands

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Extending God's Hand to the Homeless

Follow the (Lay) Leader

Organic Church

Guilty Service

Confessions of a Closet Control Freak

Feel Inadequate?

Giant Leap of Faith

Who Can Do It?

Cinderella Woman

Diversity and Partnership

Extreme Faith

75 Years of Home Missions

American Idol? The Christian and Sports, Part 3

How to Stay Married for 50 Years

Risk Management for Churches

Dealing With Loss

Why I'm Going to D6




First Glimpse: Storms

Intersect: Oh, Say, Can You See? Part Two

Brown on Green: How to Lose Money

Leader Profile: Brandon Roysden

One to One: Salute to a Good Soldier



News Around the World

News at Welch College

Convention Preview

News About the Denomination



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